Switchwords are powerful words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchword to you. The more a Switchword is repeated, the more it affects your energy. The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the experience, condition or response the Switchword represents to you. Switchwords reach behind the conscious brain to get to the part that affirmations do not reach. Does our unconscious mind truly believe ‘I am strong, I am successful’ yet? Often, there’s a part of us that’s decrying the affirmation – the cynical ‘Oh yeah’ voice within that’s yet to be convinced that we could be anything other than we are. Also, there’s a scientific reason why our positive, conscious affirmations often don’t get through. According to Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg MD, ‘The brain barely responds to our positive words and thoughts. They’re not a threat to our survival, so the brain doesn’t need to respond as rapidly as it does to negative thoughts and words.’ The part of the brain that responds to threats to our survival (‘fight or flight’ mode, as it is known) is the amygdala, which plays a role in the unconscious memory. Perhaps the amygdala, the old, reptilian part of the brain, is involved in the response to Switchwords, resulting in a decrease in or deletion of negative memories that can drive our actions and decisions

Switchwords can benefit all aspects of your life, from work and creative projects to relationships and finances

Here are just some of the benefits. Switchwords can:

• Help deal with pain, low mood and stress-related ailments

• Support efforts to break negative habits

• Promote sleep and peace of mind

• Help problem-solve, and inspire creativity

• Boost leadership qualities

• Manifest money

• Attract love and friendship

• Deepen existing relationship bonds

• Assist education and study

• Support healing

• Combine with existing therapies such as Reiki and NLP

Switchwords operate through vibration. Saying, intending or chanting these words of power changes our body’s vibration so that we resonate at the same frequency as the goal we desire. When we say, intend, chant or sing Switchwords we create sympathetic resonance and attract what we want. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. When our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs become what we aspire to, we attract this to us like a magnet. When Switchwords are intended through thought, speech, chanting or singing, a vibration is created.

You can say a Switchword as a mantra by simply repeating it as often as you like, or you can go for the traditional numbers of chant in mantra, which are 10, 28 or 108. The number 108 is sacred in Vedic philosophy.

The Three Switchwords You Need to Know Now

Here are the ‘manifesting’ Switchwords to bring you what you want:

TOGETHER – The ‘master’ Switchword for everything

DIVINE – Asks for a miracle

DIVINE ORDER – Helps you do anything efficiently and restores order from chaos

BRING – Brings you whatever you ask for (Eg:- Bring Clients)

COUNT -The subconscious mind hears COUNT and it looks for ways to find money to COUNT.


One great way to work with Switchwords is to:

  1. Get to a positive emotional state. Smile, dance, sing, listen to upbeat music..
  2. Doing something that helps you feel good before saying Switchwords may help them work better and faster for you
  3. Set your intention for what it is that you want.

“I want to be calm and comfortable and have a successful meeting with my boss.”

  • Flip the Switch.

(Say, think, sing, chant, write or even intend the Switchword[s])

For the above intention, perhaps use The Switchphrase:

(Calm down, handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions, adapt and convert, feel satisfied, become a success, express yourself well.)

  • Spend the next 20 to 30 minutes doing something that helps keep you in a positive emotional state. (This helps speed manifestation)


Energy Circles are powerful circles created to accumulate healing energies of switch words, grigori numbers etc. and send it to self. They help in sending remote healing energy, power of the switch words to self and others. Energy Circles and switch words are popular alternative therapies that have helped millions achieve their goals worldwide.

Energy Circles are a medium to channel the positive and healing energies in one place to maximize the results. Having energy circles in the house, help generate positive vibrations that flow through the house or your workplace.

Energy Circles are circles with images, numbers or text within. These images, texts or numbers are special and used for a particular function eg: to attract money. There are various ways in which one can use these energy circles and they can differ depending on the outcome that you wish to see. We have listed out a few ways in which an energy circle can be used

  1. Energy Circles can be pasted on a wall or hung on it. You can even prop it against a wall on a stable footing. It is advised that energy circles should not be kept face down or inside a drawer or a confined place.
  2. You can place the energy circle on a wall, on a table facing upwards or if you have two or more energy circles they can be stacked together.
  3. You can use it with water therapy – Place a water bottle on the energy circle and let the water be charged with vibrations. Drink water from this bottle and replace it on the energy circle.
  4. You can place the energy circle under your pillow in the bedroom. It can remain under the pillow and it will still create positive vibrations as you are in close proximity to it.
  5. You can place three figures on the energy circles to feel the positive vibrations in your body. Place your index, middle and ring finger over the circle.
  6. You can even place your photo on the energy circle to receive positive energy.

Example -To attract money Energy Circle is


Sanjeevini healing is a self-learning, prayer-based spiritual healing system for awakening the innate healing power and wisdom of every being. It is also commonly known as ‘Sanjeevini healing’. The healing system is offered with humility, unconditional love and intense faith for the physical, mental. social, financial and spiritual upliftment of every being in the universe irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour, race or nationality.

Sanjeevinis healing are highly focused prayers to God to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels, using His cosmic healing energy. Each Sanjeevini prayer is harnessed or captured in a Sanjeevini healing card or pattern. The healing vibrations of every Sanjeevini can be used  in many ways. You can choose any way that appeals to you or is convenient for you. Some of the commonly used methods are listed below:

1. By charging a medium of your choice (usually water, sugar globules or vibhuti) and taking this charged medium as a remedy in recommended dosage.

2. By touching the relevant Sanjeevini Card(s) or by just looking at the Card(s) in silence or even by intensely thinking and recalling the name of the relevant card(s).

3. By broadcasting a prepared Sanjeevini remedy to an individual or to a large group of people or to animals and plants. This method is also known as Distance healing. It is very useful during epidemics or calamities.

The most common way of dispensing the Sanjeevini remedies is in water or plain homeopathic globules. Remedies for virtually any ailment are prepared by keeping the water or the globules on the desired Sanjeevini cards for a certain time (15 seconds or more). Repeating an affirmation, a mantra or a prayer from any religion or faith (there is only One God and He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent), while preparing the remedies is highly recommended. It strengthens the positive healing vibrations going out to the patient, besides doing immense good to the healer and our planet in general. The water or the globules thus charged with the healing prayers become the remedy to be taken frequently in acute cases (6 to 9 times a day or more), and at longer intervals (3 to 6 times a day) for chronic cases.

DS 22 Brain Power Sanjeevini

To heal all Brain and Nervous system related disorders like Mental Retardation, Physical Retardation, Autism, Downes Syndrome, Epilepsy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Examination Stress and Coma.

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