What is Karma?

Karma means actions, your deeds. By law, every action has a consequence. An action starts with a thought. Hence, every thought, word and physical action is a cause and every cause will have an effect or a consequence. It is in our capacity to create positive causes that yields positive results. However, our karma or actions are influenced by the programming within us. Our unconscious mind is the driver to the conscious actions we create. And our unconscious has all the information encoded inside us as memories, feelings and emotions.

Nothing in life happens without a reason. Every effect we face in life – be it in relationships, finance or health – has a specific cause behind it. The cause could be the karma of your soul or spirit (the consciousness your soul carries even before entering mother’s womb), or it could be the karma of your ancestors/forefathers through your DNA, or from the environment such as the place you are born in, or sub-atomic particles called Karma Varganas that attaches to the body & soul, creating an influence on our thoughts and actions.

Every single action is counted. The actions created by parents and ancestors have an effect on children and other family members as they share the same DNA. The receptors and transmitters in your genes will keep inviting similar or worse circumstances into your life, until you have settled this karma. This is the law of universe.

Often we see romantic partners meet, exchange roses and chocolate, proclaim their love for each other and get married, only to end up fighting and betraying each other. This is karma. One may have a great relationship with partner, but has no money and rebellious children indulging in addiction and drugs. This is karma. One may have a lot of wealth, but no peace as family relations may be in ruins. This is karma.

The real meaning of Karma Yoga is – knowing the consequences of your actions before taking the action, which in other words is what true mindfulness means. A positive action of high vibration shall yield a positive consequence, whereas, a negative action of low vibration, will have a negative consequence accordingly. Even if one does an unmindful action, if one takes the responsibility of their action, they are able to come above that karma with ease.

Behavioral patterns, stored as programs in your unconscious mind, will drive you to choose relationships; jobs and business associates that may initially appear to be the best but turn out to be the opposite. These patterns are rigid and can even be mapped by reading your palm lines that reflect the energy that you carry. Without conscious intervention, these patterns continue to happen.

Karma Yoga Healing is a technique which reveals how everything works through the Law of Karma (cause & effect). We can consciously switch to a deep & relaxed state of mind, called Delta brain frequency, and with practice to an even deeper state called Samadhi (transcendence), where we can heal any issue and initiate a new and better reality for ourselves.


  • Karma of the Soul
  • Karma of your ancestors through DNA
  • Karma of your environment, i.e, family, places or country
  • Karma Varganas (sub-atomic particles that attach to your body and soul, from other people & environment)
  • Bacteria in the body


  • The real secrets of Karma Yoga will change the game of life
  • Unravel the core truth of “Who You Are”
  • Gain the treasure of Karma Yoga Healing process– the ultimate solution to resolve heavy karmic difficulties in health, wealth & relationships
  • Ignite prosperity consciousness and liberate yourself from deep seated mindsets that create money problems


  • Create no negative karmas, consider consequences, forego retaliation and avoid giving karmic calls.
  • Avoid speaking lies.
  • Avoid killing, violence, cruelty, avoid anger and harsh words
  • Avoid stealing, fraud and dishonorable companionship, work and employment.
  • Avoid jealousy, greed, gossip and complaining.
  • Avoid sexual misconduct leading to guilt and shame, if required, choose to have sexual conduct between partners with love, honor and respect.
  • Avoid intoxication and abusing your body.
  • Avoid disrespecting, betraying and dishonoring anyone particularly parents, women and specifically teacher.
  • Always fulfill your duties.
  • Resolve Ancestral defect, Teacher defect, Child defect, Disciple defect and Sibling defect there and then.
  • Avoid karma of grief and sorrow. It is a Ghati Karma.

How to Resolve Karmic problems?

  1. We will teach you Samadhi Meditation.
  2. To resolve issues to family members or any know personal also health issues by following very powerful Forgiveness Meditation.
  3. We will be doing very powerful Ancestral Defect Resolving meditation.